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Reservations for Large Groups Only

We're an inexpensive, casual restaurant and find that "FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED" fits our vibe perfectly.

However, LARGE GROUPS are most welcome at Union Grill and they ALWAYS leave happy!  We believe we have the fastest and most efficient scratch kitchen of any Pittsburgh restaurant.  So whether your group consists of 6 or 66 people, we can handle it!

For groups of 6 - 12 people, please make a reservation by clicking the YELP link below:


For larger groups of 13 -100, please EMAIL US at 

Please understand that Union Grill is a small, low-priced restaurant that somehow manages to serve an average of 550 customers per day.  We are almost always operating in a state of controlled chaos.  In order to prevent that chaos from getting OUT OF CONTROL, we have a number of (we hate this word!) "RULES" regarding reservations:

  • We cannot issue separate checks.  All items ordered must be rung up on one check. (However, alcohol can be put on its own check and guests are free to individually pay for their drinks by ordering them from the bar.)
  • We charge an automatic 18% gratuity.
  • We cannot hold a table for more than 15 minutes after the scheduled reservation time.
  • We ask you to PLEASE keep us informed of any changes.  Any type of changes, delays and even cancellations are perfectly fine, and last-minute notice is perfectly fine... just please LET US KNOW!  If you're going to have fewer guests than your reservation was originally made for, that is CRITICAL INFORMATION for us!  You can call the restaurant at 412-681-8620 during business hours, email us at, contact us through this website, or text or call the Owner on his cellphone which is 724-591-3468.


We do not have a Private Room (but we can seat you in a secluded corner of the restaurant).

We are a terrible venue for WEDDING REHEARSAL DINNERS and do not accept those reservations.